Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thing 21

Student 2.0 Tools

Wow, those assignment calculators could serve to be very useful resources for students! I will talk to my department head about linking to them from our webpage (or from the teen webpage) -- what a great resource. I especially liked the PDF resources, from the Resource Project Calculator, that librarians and students can print out to help with all stages of the homework projects. This would be handy to promote to junior high and high school students. This site should really be promoted within the library and on the website to encourage students to take advantage of it. Teachers should also be informed of this site to help promote it to their students. It would be super easy and inexpensive to design bookmarks promoting this site and then have them available at the public desks for patrons to take (parents might see them and take them home for their teens). Definitely two sites worth checking out.

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