Friday, October 15, 2010

Thing 5

Ahh. Flickr. So I've had a Flickr account for some years now, but with the exception of last year's addition of my "townhouse in progress" photos, it's been stagnant for at least a few of them. With the advent of Myspace (my account there is also stagnant and should really just be deleted) and then Facebook, I kind of let my Flickr account fall to the wayside. It was just easier to upload pictures to a site that all my friends and many of my family members were already using daily.

Flickr is pretty cool though. It's nice to be able to join the different groups/communities on there. I'll admit to not having looked at the site in quite some time, but I did like it when I actually used it. As far as using it for the library, I used to think it would be a cool thing (we actually covered Flickr in my Library 2.0 workshop that I took a year or so ago, and I linked my Flickr photostream to that blog). But now that my library's YS department has its own Facebook page, we just upload all our program pictures to that, for the same reasons I do it for my person page. It's just easier. But that's not to knock Flickr. I've seen photostreams from several libraries that use it. When I was looking for information on Lego Clubs in the library, I happened upon a few Flickr pages that featured children's programming, so it's definitely useful. I think the only drawback would be having to link it to Facebook or something.

That being said, I'll post my Flickr photostream here anyway. The first pictures are of my townhouse, right after I bought it when my family and I started doing all the renovations. It looks quite different now (but my "after" pictures are all on Facebook), and the later photos are from some of my visits to other states, etc...

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